How To Make Pakistani Chai(Tea)

21 Dec

Hey hey guys!:)

Today I would be sharing with you a recipe of Pakistani tea (Doodh pati)(Chai)(Tea)

So there’s a lot of teas in Pakistan (Kashmeri Chai)(Doodh Pati) And more!

So I would be sharing the recipe of (Doodh Pati)



Milk (about 2 cups)(according to how many servings you want)

Elachi(optional)(I dint use it)

Tea 4 Tablespoons(2 Tablespoons for 1 serving)(I used Lipton)


2 Spoons (1 for mixing and 1 for mixing in sugar to your tea)

2 Sauce Pans

1 Strainer

2 Cups /Mugs for serving


Boil the milk and tea in a saucepan for about 4-5 until it’s boiling don’t let it spill! ,


then strain
It in another saucepan ,and then again strain it in your serving cups (there will lots of tea)don’t let the tea be in your cup it will taste a little bitter,

And your done!:)

Bye Mishi


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