Alpen Bars Review

17 Dec

Hey everybody!:)

Today I would be reviewing on Alpen Bars , Yeah I know my first food review!:)

Alpen bars cost: PKR- around -250-

I have tried 4 bar flavors so far more Alpen
And they were great!
I don’t have the pics of the flavour strawberry and yogurt but I will write the review.

Now let’s begin!:)

Alpen fruit and nut bars (5 bars in one box)

would put you on a drive with dried raisins dry fruit and wheat it’s great!
But unlike the other bars this one dosent has any other chocolate or yogurt layer in it so it’s dry.

Nutrition and more:



Alpen Raspberry and Yogurt bar

When you first taste this bar you would taste the wheat then yogurt and then the balance are the raspberry that’s the punch to it I love this one!:)

The raspberry and wheat flake layer :


The Yogurt layer:


Nutrition and more:


Alpen Fruit Nut with Milk Chocolate

This one is just like the fruit and nut bar accept it’s more rich by the milk chocolate that’s the difference it’s good!:)

The upper layer:


The bottom layer:


Nutrition and other:


Alpen Strawberry and Yogurt bars

There just like the raspberry ones just the strawberry difference I like the raspberry ones more because the raspberry just gives you that kick with the yogurt and the strawberry doesn’t so I like the raspberry one more!:)

Bye for now


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