Proactive Solution (Review)

17 Nov

Hey and As Salam Alaikum


So nearly all of us well most teenagers or adults suffer from a painful condition called the dreaded
“Acne” yes! my brother has nearly suffered from acne for ( 4-5 ) years now lets see if Proactive solution really worked on him ?

Proactive claims|

Welcome to life with clear radiant skin!

See more on their website


My brother has nearly used this batch


This stuff can be bought separately :



And more though the Refining Mask came in the package as a free compliment

Proactive even has Makeup for acne prone skin!






So let’s get down to our real results does it really work? Read more to find out!


The first time my brother used this he felt a burning sensation and a sort of a tingling feeling
And his red skin became even more red! , After a couple of days the results came visible
well I think proactive has some ingredients including – benzl peroxide- (if I spelled it correctly)

Proactive has done my brother wonders!
He was getting huge pimples,zits,marks.

But since he used proactive the breakouts pimples have decreased their size

And slowly his acne is disappearing!:)


Repairs acne

Good for acne prone skin


Slight burning sensation

Proactive costs – PKR: 5400

After discount – 5150

Bought from Kauser Medicos

Overall –

I think this is quite a great deal for people with acne!

People spend 1000’s of dollars for their Ance so why not treat it at a Very reasonable price?

Hope you liked this post-



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