How To Make The Perfect Cheese Omlete

4 Nov

Hey and As Salam Alaikum my Chefy chef


I was just making my recipe of cheese omelet so I thought I’ll share it with you guys!

Today I would be sharing the recipe of my (Perfect cheese omelet)

Let’s start!

Gather your ingredients:

(Remember play up your mind work with you have! I dint add any onions ,green onions or tomatoes but you can! )

Paprika powder(red chilly powder would work also)

Dried mixed herbs

2 eggs(for 1 person) you can add more adjust the ingredients as your taste!(spicy or mild)


Butter about 2 table spoons(or oil)

Standard Bowl

Whisk or Electric Beater


Take your eggs and beat them with your ingredient accept your cheese


Don’t use an electric beater in a glass bowl the can break into your eggs be carefully use a plastic or proper mixing bowl.


Now melt your butter in your frying pan don’t burn the butter!
You can take oil instead but butter gives a nice flavor.


Put all you’re egg mixture onto your pan .


Now melt your cheese on it don’t burn your eggs while melting it if your eggs are fully cooked don’t flip up your cheese will melt itself as the omelet would be super hot!


Let it set and then flip now season your eggs.


Serve with your fav breakfast sidelines!:)



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