Loreal Hydrafresh Anti-Shine Aqua Gel (Review)

19 Sep

Hey and As Salam Alaikum my lovely readers!

Today I would be reviewing Loreal Hydrafresh Anti-Shine Aqua Gel

What Loreal Claims:

All Day Hydrating & Matifying [Icy Gel] for shiny skin or for in-hot & damp climate
-For many years L’Oreal has been developing a strong expertise on women’s skin through advanced research and partnership with dermatologists worldwide.

Our products provide visible results to every women,at any age. L’Oreal Paris Dermo-Expertise is one of the most appreciated and trusted skincare brands worldwide.

Icy Gel

Results :

Immediately : skin is cooled down durably matified and quenched .










My thoughts


First of all this is my second jar of this gel it is a good product for cooling down your skin but certainly not for oil control after 15 minutes a shine comes on my face and it’s all greasy so yeah I bought a 2nd jar of this gel cause I liked the cooling down effect but it does not control oil at all!

As you see in the pic above theses a thing over the box then your open the box .The texture is light

So I’m not sure if I’ll boy it again

It is priced at : PKR-699

And avalible at all good super markets .


Not good oil control does not control oil as it claims cools down your skin. Good packaging

Do I recommend for oilies : no but if you want to cool your skin sure!

My rating- 2/10

Will I repurchase : not sure

Hope you liked my post and found it helpful do comment and send me your feedback for stylish

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