Ingrown Toenail Solution

23 Jul

Hello and As Salam Alaikum my lovely readers!

Today I would be sharing with you a awesome solution for even severe ingrown toenails or wounds!

(Please I am not responsible if any reaction happens to you by this so please check if you have any allergys ect by the ingredients listed below!(seek medical help if you have a ralley severe condition!!)

Things you would need:

Cabbage (1 CABAGE for some people it may take a week for some a month weeks(you would need 1 leaf for each use)

1 Glass

Lemon juice(if desired )

Start of with rolling your glass on 1 leaf of cabbage to put out the cabbage few juices

Squeeze a little lemon juice on it if desired. Wrap around your ingrown toenail or wound!

See the magic in 1 month!

Everybody’s different for some this solution will work for some it might not!

But the people I have told this so far it worked with them! Some had ralley bad ones ! But it worked!:)

Hope this helps for you do let me know if it worked for you!:)

Below in the comments!

Bye for now stylish9:)



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