Skin Care Guide For(Oily Skin) Part(1)

22 Jul

Hello and As Salam Alaikum everyone first of all I would like to thank all you lovely reader for following stylish glaze:)!

Thx a million!!

Today I would be sharing with you some basics about oily skin and some products you can use reduce oily skin or pimple prone skin

(NOTE): I am not a dermatologist so if you have severe acne or skin problem consult your dermatologist.

Some basics about oily or pimple prone skin:

<People who eat oily foods often get oily skin!so people control on fast foods and fried foods, Get on healthy food like fruit vegetables fish and meats.

(oily skin is also called sebum)

solution number 1!: eat healthy.

solution number 2!: don’t use cream based or oil based beauty products.

Use beauty products specially designed for oily skin such as:

Loreal Hydra fresh Anti shine gel (review coming soon!)

Loreal hydra total face wash(this porduct is for combination to oily skin) (review coming soon!)

Garnier pure anti sebum lotion(review coming soon!)

Essence 4 in 1 aniti spot cream wash( this product is for combination to oily skin)(review coming soon!)

Nutrgena Acne wash(review coming soon)



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